unu electric scooters: The perfect speed to get around

unu electric scooters: The perfect speed to get around

Why 50cc electric scooter is the ideal solution for your city


Our mission is to connect people with the urban city they live in. Making the unu electric scooter “as democratic as possible” is therefore at the core of our philosophy, as one of our founders Pascal explained already.


To be a mobility option for a wide variety of people we’ve decided to build and equip the unu as a 50cc electric scooter.


This means: it drives up to 45 kilometers per hour. The general city speed limit in European cities is 50 kilometers. Another argument to build a 50cc electric scooter is the fact that it can be operated with a regular driver’s license, you don’t need a motorcycle license for it. Even at the age of 16 holding a scooter license you can drive an unu, which makes unu the best urban mobility solution for a large group of diverse drivers.



What most people don’t know is the fact that even though we all have the technology to go as fast from A to B as possible, vehicles in urban capitals like London or Berlin are moving at an average speed that is comparable to horse drawn carriages a century ago.


The German institute for statistics Statista crunched some numbers concerning the average speed in european cities in 2008. In Berlin the average speed for cruising around the city is 28 kilometres per hour while people in London drive up to 35 kilometres.



Deciding on a 50cc electric scooter like unu means traveling the city in the optimal urban speed whenever it suits you. While you pass by the other people sitting stressed out in cars waiting in traffic jam we urge you to be cheerful: at unu we believe in cruising through traffic.


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