How daddy unu

Meet Lothar Grassinger - a mature unu electric scooter driver

The ‘Daddy unu’ is a new series putting the spotlight on the mature unu electric scooter driver. He’s a man in his best years, over 40. He’s is working within the creative scene, he’s an innovative entrepreneur, he’s a dad. But who is this George Clooney type using an electric scooter to cruise around his city? The first in line to shed some light on this question is the Munich based architect Lothar Grassinger.

unu electric scooter driver Lothar Grassinger

To set the scene, what’s your unu electric scooter model?

I have a 3000 Watt unu in the color Manhattan Black.


Why did you decide on an electric scooter?

I chose an electric scooter mainly because of the environment, but also because of the silent driving, the easy technology and the lifestyle feeling.


What do you mean with lifestyle feeling?

You are free, you can go where you want, whenever you want without worrying about wasting gasoline or spending time on looking for parking spots. You can take your family with you or lend it out to your friends or family — it’s easy for everyone to jump on the electric scooter and go for a drive.


You live in Munich where you work as an Architect. Can you tell us a bit about the city, its urban structure and what makes it special to cruise around the streets of Munich?

The streets are quite busy in Munich and there is a lot of traffic most of the time. To drive with an unu electric scooter is very easy, quiet and fast enough to get through the city and the afternoon traffic. It is hard to find a parking with the car, but with the unu you don’t need to find a parking spot. Between the cars you will always find a little gap to park the scooter.


Is the unu your main transportation option?

I also have a car and a bike, but for example when I have to get to a meeting I prefer to take the unu. I don’t get there sweaty, I’m fast and I don’t need to search for a parking spot. With the unu electric scooter I’m always at the meeting on time.


Last but not least, would you recommend the unu to a friend?

Definitely, everyone should have such a nice feeling of driving an unu! Once you have tried it, you will understand how great it feels to cruise through the traffic and it really is incredible silent.