unu electric scooters listens to the sound of the city

Music to conquer

At unu we are creating a smarter way to connect you with your city. We created an electric scooter with portable batteries that allows you to conquer the city with zero emission. We love urban culture and believe that music is an essential part of it. This is the reason why we started the unu City Tape series in collaboration with our favorite local artists.


unu electric scooters meets Kollektiv Turmstrasse


unu City Tape Vol. IV : Hamburg feat. Kollektiv Turmstrasse

Our newest mixtape represents Hamburg and comes from Kollektiv Turmstrasse aka Nico Plageman and Christian Hilscher. The two DJ’s released their first track “Turmstrasse” in 2001 which was named after their first shared apartment address in the heart of Berlin. The seeds behind the successful collective were planted already in 1998 when they were independently playing at the same party and inevitably became friends. Swapping records and doing parties together turned into a studio venture in 2000 and afterwards a shared flat in Turmstrasse - hence the name. It was the local record dealer who pushed Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann into releasing their first track and the rest is pretty much history. After this release followed their debut album ‘Rebellion der Träumer’, a flood of remixes and latest the launch of the highly successful ‘Sry I’m Late EP’ Track which became the Beatport’s ‘Top-selling Deep House Track’ of 2015 and the #1 of ‘Longest Time In Global Top 10’ plus the ‘Most Tagged Track of 2015’. With our fourth mixtape lined up you are secured four hours of music while cruising through your city.


unu electric scooters meets BAAL


unu City Tape Vol. II: Munich feat. BAAL

The story of unu electric scooters began in Munich where we’ve spent many nights working on our vision to change the future of urban mobility. Baal’s vibrant Munich remix is therefore the perfect representation of the city where the unu story began. The full-hour track of way-down Deep House will transport you into mystic spheres which make their mixes so unique. BAAL was formed in 2014 and with their Hebrew name and their signature sound of neo-classic combined with house grooves and deep techno, they have marked their place on the Munich music scene and of course on us.


unu electric scooters meets Adriatique


unu City Tape Vol. I: Zurich feat. Adriatique

We started the unu brand expansion in Zurich last November which was a very exciting step for us. So when it came to choosing DJ’s for our Zurich mixtape we knew that we wanted the two Adrian’s form Adriatique for our tape because they perfectly represent our idea of conquering a city in the most bold way. With their background in house and techno the two created a 60 minute long dance mix which will make you feel the urban life of Zurich in every tune. Despite the similar names the two DJs come from very different backgrounds - while one honed his musical education with House for the US and Detroit Techno with a preferred location in the studio, the other was deep into European techno straight out of the booth. This combination has since 2008 resulted in a sound that brought them on RA’s list of Top 100 DJs, it was voted Mixmag Mix of the Year and furthermore they created a standout Podcast for BPM. Now they are giving you the perfect mix to celebrate the good times.



We already have our fifth mixtape up on our Soundcloud profile. Head over to see who is behind the next mix - to give you a hint, it is related to a city we are about to conquer…

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