unu electric scooter presents: Mixtape by Patrice Bäumel

unu electric scooter presents: Mixtape by Patrice Bäumel

"We don't rush things, we cruise"

A conversation with Patrice Bäumel about Amsterdam


Every city deserves its own soundtrack. That’s why we frequently team up with our favorite local DJ’s and artists to provide you with the perfect mix to conquer your city. In Amsterdam German born Patrice Bäumel made us a tape for the Dutch capital. He moved to Amsterdam in 1996 with the initial idea to stay there for six months. However, as it sometimes happens, 6 months turned into a year and Patrice has now been living in the city for 20 years. Being in Amsterdam has resulted in an energy and sense of adventure, which turned into a unique sound he calls “techno music for grown-ups”.


Patrice graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy in Sao Paolo in 2002 and has turned his hobby into a career traveling the world. With his past residency at the legendary Club 11 and Trouw, Patrice is currently working on an album for Kompakt, a mix for the Balance compilation series and has upcoming tours in the US, South America and Europe.


For our unu launch in the Netherlands we caught up with him between some gigs to talk about the Dutch way of life, the best sound to conquer the streets and where to escape with your unu electric scooter.


unu electric scooter meets Patrice Bäumel


You are based in Amsterdam since 1996, why did you move there and what does Amsterdam mean to you?

I initially moved to Amsterdam with the intention of learning the language, gaining some life experience and going back home to Germany after 6 months. Now, 20 years later, I’m still here. Amsterdam is almost a village, but with all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city. I love the positive vibe of this place, the cultural openness, the location in the heart of Europe and a huge electronic music scene that provides plenty of opportunity for work and entertainment.


How has the city changed in the last years?

Amsterdam is a continuously changing place, it feels like construction never stops. The periphery keeps expanding, especially the northern part of town is growing rapidly. Yet it’s refreshing how little the essence of the city has been touched.


What do you like best about Amsterdam? Does the city have a special vibe?

I love the pace of the city. We don’t rush things, we cruise. We prefer not to work insanely long hours. The quality of life is excellent, there is room to breathe. And it has the best-connected airport in the world, which makes my work a lot easier.


Where do you get inspired in the city?

Places that inspire me most are those wonderful patches of nature at the fringes of the city, like the Twiske nature reserve which is an insane bird watching destination. Modern art is another way for me to reset my brain, the Stedelijk Museum and the photography museum FOAM are my favourites.


unu electric scooter Amsterdam


How do you conquer Amsterdam?

A mix of walking, public transport, bicycle, car and my unu electric scooter. The scooter is by far the fastest option to get from A to B in the center of town due to heavy traffic and chronic lack of parking spaces. I love my bicycle on warm summer days.


What is typical Dutch for you?

Telling it like it is. The Dutch are refreshingly straightforward when voicing their opinion.


If you could go on an adventure with your unu electric scooter, where would you go?

I would bring a small tent and go for an overnight fishing trip to the Ijmeer, the big body of water north of the city. Beautiful nature, solitude, no distraction.


What’s your favorite song to discover your city?

The Cure - Just like Heaven


Listen to the mixtape of Patrice here:



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