One week with an unu electric scooter

Mona shares her week with an unu


One of the perks of working for a brand is the chance to experience the product first hand and at unu that’s no exception. If anyone knows what it means to embrace urban life, it’s us, but how do other people use the unu electric scooter and what would they get up to if they had an unu for a week?


We teamed up with design student Mona, to see how it would impact her everyday life to be able to cruise around Berlin - from university, to work and to catch up with friends.


Yesterday, one week later, we met Mona for lunch at Hallesches Haus to talk about what she and the 3KW Manhattan Black unu electric scooter has been up to the past week.


unu electric scooter for a week


You’re from Hamburg, but live and study in Berlin. What brought you here?

I was 20 and tired of Hamburg. I wanted to move to a bigger city to work within theatre so Berlin was the obvious choice for me. I applied to an assistant role as a stage designer at Maxim Gorki Theater, I got it and following advice from my boss, I started studying architecture. I finished my Bachelor degree in Architecture and I’m now one year into my Master degree in Stage Design.


How does a normal week look like - what do you get up to?

It’s a bit different with the creative studies, because you not only have classes, but also design projects. Right now I’m working on a set in Dresden, but in general I’m either at the university or in my studio and the rest of the time goes with my student work measuring flats for a small architecture studio and seeing friends.


unu electric scooter in urban scenery


How do you normally get around?

I bike. I hate public transport or U8 to be exact. Even though it brings me straight from home to university, I’d rather bike the 11km (each way) than being stuck in U8. U8 is fun on a Friday night, but it kills you on a Monday morning. The only problem is the traffic when you are biking. When I told my mom that I would replace my bike with a scooter, she got nervous about the traffic, but honestly - from the past weeks experience, I think biking is more dangerous. And hey! With the unu electric scooter it only took me 20 minutes to cross town from Neukölln to Wedding contra the 40 minutes on bike.


How was it having the unu for the past week?

I was actually very curious to see if it would make a big difference, but I have to admit that it did. You are faster than a bike, I was as fast as a car, but I never have to look for a parking spot. Last week I had a day where I had to measure 6 flats and the scooter made it so much easier. Normally when I have a lot of flats to measure, I borrow my friends car and spend valuable time on looking for a parking spot, but with the unu electric scooter I could just pull up outside the building.


And did you take your friends for a ride?

I did. I had a friend staying with me last week and I dropped her off at work in the morning and the extra time even gave us a chance to pick up coffee on the way. And Sunday we were out of groceries, but that was no problem, we just took the scooter to Südkreuz where there was a supermarket that was open. I have to say that unu makes your life way more convenient - with the unu electric scooter you don’t have to think twice, you just go.


unu electric scooter in urban life


What has been the most exciting experience with the unu this past week?

It’s funny you ask. I didn’t notice as I was concentrating on traffic, but when I was driving around with my friend Lucy, she told me that all the guys we passed, was checking us out. Apparently the unu electric scooter is a flirt machine!


Being on a student budget - is there anything that would hold you back from getting an unu?

I was actually trying to calculate how much it would cost me with your payment option and if only I was 100% sure I would stay in Berlin the next 2 years I would do it, but as I am not sure, I would buy the scooter up front.


Petrol or electric?

With a gasoline driven motor, I feel there’s always problems. With the unu electric scooter you don’t have to think about how much you use it, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to charge your portable battery.


As a student living in Berlin - what do you like to do, what’s your hotspot?

There’s this spot right between my home and university that i really like to hang out at. It’s the little grass square in front of the Volksbühne at Rosa Luxemburg Platz. I love to watch the big building - both from the outside and the inside. It’s the spot where I meet friends after work for cheese and wine that we bring from the supermarket. I also really like Monarch at Kottbusser Tor. It’s crowded and dark, but not the typical Berlin techno scene. The crowd is diverse, the music is always good and then you can watch the city from above as you are on the same level as the U1.


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How was it discovering your hotspots on the unu?

It was easier! Being on the silent electric scooter, you can sneak through small passages and short cuts, which you wouldn’t reach in a car or on a big noisy scooter. So again, you are faster than on the bike, but you can kind of get away with the same things.


How does it feel to have to let go of the unu again?

It’s horrible. I’m gonna miss it. I gave him a name - Ulli. It’s a name for a 50 year old cool dude. It could be a dad. It’s not too fast, but a good solid man.


Last but not least, would you recommend students getting an unu?

Yes, totally! When I was studying Architecture, I used to bike to uni with a friend and if we could have gone together on an unu electric scooter, we could have saved so much time. It’s also perfect if you have to bring a lot of stuff with you.


unu electric scooter - the perfect urban vehicle


Would you like to try the unu yourself? Then head over to our website to book a test drive. If you are curious to know more about unu check out our previous blog post about why we decided to make unu a 50cc scooter or visit our website to see what color your unu electric scooter should be.