unu electric scooters: The new mobility solution

unu electric scooters: The new mobility solution

Why investing in an electric scooter is a smart choice


Living in an urban city calls for a smart mobility solution. unu’s mission is to connect people in the most convenient and fast way with their hometown of choice. Working in a vibrant city like Berlin, Zurich, Vienna or Amsterdam you’ll quickly figure out that getting around is time-consuming and that public transport isn’t easy on the pocketbook.

Therefore, at unu we really care about travelling the city in the most affordable way. That’s why we looked at the fixed expenses people have with their daily commute.

According to the European Commission for mobility and transport 37% of Germans are investing more than an hour per day in their daily commute. That adds up to 365 hours a year. What if you could use some of that time on working out, discovering your city or meeting friends for coffee?

unu electric scooter - the smart choice


The answer to this question is quite easy - smart mobility unu electric scooter saves you both: time and money. Once you start looking at the value of your investment you’ll quickly recognize that unu’s mobility solution is the most cost effective out there. In urban cities like Berlin or Munich you’ll easily end up investing up to 99,90 Euros for a monthly ticket plus the delays and annual price increases that comes with public transport. This adds up to 1.198,80 Euro per year. If you do the math you’ll see that an electric scooter is already worth its money and payed off after a year and a half.


In the long run buying an unu scooter is the most eco-friendly (zero emission, when using green electricity) and reasonable investment when you want to make the most of your time and discover your city in a flexible, curious, resourceful way.
This information is based on information provided by the manufacturer, and statistical data and estimates with regard to the economic life-cycle of various vehicles.

This information is based on information provided by the manufacturer, and statistical data and estimates with regard to the economic life-cycle of various vehicles.


At unu we developed an innovative business model selling the electric scooter online and delivering the unu straight to your doorstep - cutting out all vendor costs. This makes the unu electric scooter more affordable and we can deliver quicker than all competitors, which in the end enables you to enjoy the city right away.


However, we understand that sometimes paying everything at once can be tough. That’s why we have developed a saving plan which is less expensive than a monthly public transportation ticket. We have come up with a 74 Euro* saving plan which allows you to cruise through the streets when and wherever you like. This plan will allow you to choose between a 24 or 12 months time frame of investment with an annual interest rate of 3,99%. At unu we believe in flexibility and that’s why we always offer you a personal chat with someone of the customer care team, to make sure that the saving plan fits your needs.

However, coming back to one of the things we like most about the unu electric scooter, one specific quote pops up into our minds:

The key question to keep asking is: are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.
— Randy Pausch

And that’s why you should go out and experience as much as you can. Take a ride with your friend, freewheel through traffic, go somewhere you’ve never been - use your time wisely thanks to unu smart mobility scooters.


*Only possible in Germany


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