unu electric scooter saves you time

Why unu is your time saver


We previously illustrated why our 50cc scooter is the ideal solution to cruise around your city. However you might still be asking yourself “what can I save with an unu electric scooter?” The answer is easy. Besides the money you won’t be spending monthly on public transportation, unu saves you the most valuable and important thing in life: time.


You’ll never be wasting resourceful moments looking for a parking spot, because you can park your unu electric scooter anywhere. You won’t be spending time caught up in traffic jams. Plus you don’t have to hope for the unlikely odds of public transportation being on time anymore. Simply go anywhere you like, whenever you like.


According to INRIX, a company researching road congestions, the average hours spent in traffic was about 101 hours in 2015. This equals 4,2 days where people are stuck in traffic. If we start a mathematical experiment about traveling the city by car for 10 years you will be losing nearly up to one and a half months of your life when you travel the city like you used to!

The information is based on information researched by  The Telegraph  and  Business Insider .

The information is based on information researched by The Telegraph and Business Insider.


unu is also part of a bigger picture. Cities are changing rapidly to become more eco-friendly and to find smarter mobility concepts. According to a new urban mobility study by the university Duisburg-Essen metropolis are still producing 80% of the world’s greenhouse gases because the concepts for urban mobility haven’t changed massively in the last 25 years. With an electric scooter like unu you’re becoming part of the change that will affect the life of tomorrow’s children immediately.


the eco-friendly unu electric scooter


Finding a democratic, affordable and flexible mobility solution to cruise around your city is something we’ve deeply cared about since we build our first electric scooter in 2013 as one of unu’s founders Pascal explains:


Democratising urban mobility was always the most important thing for us. We never had a car ourselves and rather wanted to spend our money on experiences in our city than on transport. We wanted mobility to be as affordable as possible, that’s the reason unu exists the way it does today.


With zero emission and less than 0,70 Euro per 100 kilometres we’ve build one of the most democratic mobility solutions for urban discoveries that exist. And as we have said before, the best thing about choosing an electric scooter is the time it saves you.


unu electric scooter - a democratic urban vehicle
“Some people would say that an unu electric scooter makes you more lazy. For me that’s definitely not the case. I use the unu to drive to the public pool in my speedos and gives me more time for my work out than I would have by using my bike or the train. This allows me to stay at work until the the last minute and gives me much more flexibility in my schedule. And because I can drive home much faster on my ride than I could with my bike I can always stay until the last minute when the pool closes, because I can shower at home. For me this is one of the small daily luxuries of having an unu electric scooter.”


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