unu electric scooters x EyeEm - a photo competition about urban life

unu electric scooters x EyeEm - a photo competition about urban life

Embrace the spirit of urban life

Meet Kehao Chen the EyeEm x unu photography mission winner

Together with the photography network EyeEm we’ve teamed up for one of their community photo missions. In the mission EyeEm encouraged people to share a photo that embraces the spirit of urban life. The idea behind this mission was, that the urban photographer, like the typical unu electric scooter driver, is connected in a very unique way to the heartbeat of the city. After an incredibly strong final selection we are very happy to introduce the winner Kehao Chen, who captures the aesthetics of the concrete jungle in a very unique way.


Self-portrait Kehao Chen

Self-portrait Kehao Chen

Kehao Chen is a graphic design students at Iowa State University in the US. Originally from China he first was hooked on photography when he got a camera from his parents for his 15th birthday. Ever since they’ve been inseparable. From this point on he has been taking photos and engaging in the EyeEm photo community, sharing his view on life. His photos show how global cities have a hidden beauty, if one dares to embrace it. We’ve talked to Kehao to learn more about his way of life and the way he takes photos.


What does Urban Life mean to you?

For me urban life means exploring. Cities are always enormous and complex, urban life means exploring the corners of the cities, finding out about different styles of each capital, and also integrating ourselves into the urban life as part of it.



Why did you choose exactly this photo for the EyeEm x unu mission?

I chose this photo because to me this photo shows the way we embrace urban life, not that intimate but more profound. Standing there with the city, so that we become a part of it.

Winner photo by Kehao Chen

Winner photo by Kehao Chen


You live in the US but you’re from China, what’s the difference between those two urban cultures?

The urban cultures are completely different in China and the US. In my opinion, China is a city-based country, all the things are happening in the city. On the other hand the US is different, people work in big cities, but study in another town and live in the suburbs. China’s cities are more mixed in one place and in the US cities are divided in different areas for different functions. The urban culture fascinates me mostly because it keeps changing, there’s nothing invariable and every day is a new day.


How do you get inspired?

My inspirations always come from two places, the scenery itself and impressive people. I’m always trying to combine them so that you can always see people interact with interesting sceneries in my album.

unu electric scooter urban life

Do you have a plan when you go out and shoot or do you embrace the moment?

The photos just naturally happen. Sometimes I have a rough picture of what I want but for me the things that happen beyond expectation are the attraction of taking photos.


How do you explore the urban jungle and what do you think about unu?

My favorite way to explore a city is to go out with my friends. Friends can always be your guide and also the object in your lens. If I had an unu electric scooter I’d be really happy to cruise around the city.


What has been your biggest adventure in your life so far?

The biggest adventure so far is studying in the US, that means travelling to a foreign country and living all by myself there. It’s challenging and also full of fun.

unu electric scooter urban life

You can follow Kehao’s photographic journey on his EyEm profile here. Check also our interesting interviews with the Dutch artist Selwyn Senatori and the musician Patrice Bäumel in Amsterdam. 

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