unu electric scooters meets SuperBlast

SuperBlast AKA Manuel Osterholt paints his unu electric scooter


At unu we’re urban by heart and of course part of the global street culture. That’s why we frequently team up with local artists who inspire and move us. In those collaborations we give the artist a blank canvas - an unu electric scooter to decorate with their creative vision, imaginations, and spirit. We’re excited that we could win local street artist SuperBlast AKA Manuel Osterholt to kick of the unu x urban artist series in Berlin and design our unu electric scooter.


unu electric scooters meets SuperBlast


We have often cruised by the big SuperBlast mural on Torstraße with our unu electric scooter, so when we had to decide which street artist in Berlin we wanted to team up with Manuel was on the top of our wish list. Sometimes weird coincidences happen and it turned out that our friends at Studiolo know SuperBlast from their early skating days. The guys immediately connected us with him and after a quick coffee with him (because as Manuel says: “I need coffee before I can actually get in touch and interact with the world”) we decided to team up and start the unu x urban artists series. We delivered the Midnight Black unu electric scooter to Studiolo in Kreuzberg, packed our equipment and got ready to start the design process with SuperBlast.

Coming from the classic 90’s skate and graffiti scene Manuel’s style has been highly influenced by Berlin’s street art. From spraying large walls in the wasteland of the Berlin cityscape his style has evolved in a very unique way, bringing him back into galleries and fine art. This way he is always moving and oscillating between two worlds, merging them in a unique way while never forgetting about his origins and the hustle and bustle of the streets.


My art is always linked back to the city because it’s an urban phenomenon. In my work I want to transport the vibe and energy of the streets, of the people roaming and exploring the city because for me that’s where the dynamic of needing to create something comes from.
SuperBlast paints his unu electric scooter


Even with his roots in street art, SuperBlast is also drawn to the more classic technique of mythological orthodox iconic paintings, colors and symbols that incorporate the idea of picturing the essence of the human soul. Like those paintings, SuperBlast deeply cares about the idea of who we are as human beings in this big world. So when it came to juggling ideas about painting the unu electric scooter it was pretty obvious that he would incorporate iconic symbols in the design of the scooter. For the unu he chose eyes and leaves which are directly linking back to the idea of Berlin as a green and urban landscape in which people and nature are always linked. Moving people with his art is something that has always been super important in the creation process of his pieces:

In the best case my work should touch people and move them to think about their life. That’s what I am aiming for with my art.
— SuperBlast


In the beginning unu electric scooters as a concept and product was an ambitious idea of creating a new mobility solution to discover the city in a different way. Somehow this also links back to the way SuperBlast works because we’re all striving to create a better world in which people dare to dream big. For SuperBlast this means producing art with meaning while for us at unu this equals building electric scooters that allow people to connect with their city in a new way. Linking Manuel’s vision with our idea of a more liveable city is therefore somehow a perfect match, or as he explains it with his artistic concept of utopia:


I always work with the concept of utopia in my art. I think it’s important to have a vision of how something could be in the best case. It is utterly important to allow yourself to dream big and imagine. I think that having a vision should be the driving force for what you do in life.
SuperBlast designs unu electric scooter


In a way this idea is already engraved in the artistic name he chose as he explains while painting the unu: “SuperBlast” has a double sided meaning. One can understand it as the total extinction of something or as simply having a lot of fun.” And that’s exactly what we did with Manuel. Turning the black unu electric scooter into a fun street-art-scooter that you can’t take your eyes off. Check out the unu electric scooter design process of SuperBlast in the video below and see the full photo album here.



At unu we love working with great people who inspire us. Thanks to SuperBlast, who took the time to let us into his world, the lovely people from Studiolo in Kreuzberg who gave us the space to paint the unu and Josef Beyer and Constantin Rieß for producing this video.

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