The impact of unu electric scooters on CO2 emissions

The impact of unu electric scooters on CO2 emissions

unu electric scooters on a mission: Let's talk about CO2 emission

One of the biggest topics of 2016, and likely for many years to come, has and will be global climate change. We have seen all the sound bites from different media outlets covering the many alarming statistics that clearly demand a fundamental change from the top. The current systemic issues in how we address climate change are in clear need of reform, especially given the current trends that will only lead to intensify the current problems.


According to United Nations Estimates 54% of the global population is currently located in urban areas, cities account for 70% CO2 emissions and passenger traffic demand in cities will increase more than 68% by 2030. This underlines that mobility and urban environments are a crucial area for us to direct our attention towards, pioneer a positive change and make an impact.

It is for this reason unu is proud to do everything it can to further pursue change in cooperation with cities and those who inhabit them. Our customers, by simply having chosen to drive electric scooters, have already taken tremendous initiative that should not go unnoticed.


unu customers have substituted their commute with a clean alternative which has prevented more than 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions from being polluted into the atmosphere.


They are the early adopters who lead the way and demonstrate the potential to the masses. We hope this figure continues to grow exponentially as others join us on our mission to be an advocate for positive change. Get a test drive with an electric scooter and you have done the first step to change.


The challenge of mobility in cities is not one that lives in the shadows or is hard to connect with; urban dwellers see and experience it every day.


  • When we drive to work, we experience it: 38 hours of delay on average per year due to congestion, according to Stanford Research.

  • When we look for parking we experience it: 30% of a city’s traffic is caused by drivers searching for a parking spot.

  • When we commute via public transport we experience it: on avg. only 60% of urban populations in Europe have heavy access to public transportation.


With the status quo, we can no longer wait for the establishment to act and change to come from the top-down, but instead we must aim to grow from the bottom-up. We must look to each other to become advocates and pioneer a new mobility revolution.


Written by Sahand Dilmaghani (Finance)