unu electric scooters: What's your favorite color?

unu electric scooters: What's your favorite color?

Customise your unu electric scooter in any color you want


Most great design stories begin with an unsolved problem. At the unu office there were always a lot of black helmets laying around in different sizes. This basically meant that it was almost impossible to find your helmet again. Jonas, our solution finder, took initiative to solve this problem by marking each helmet with a sticker. However, stickers never last that long so after a while the helmet chaos was back. Eager to get the chaos sorted, Jonas decided to color the helmets.

From coloring helmets Jonas started thinking about customizing his unu electric scooter. After trying out different colors for his electric scooter, he decided on a dark Prussian blue, matching his newly colored helmet.

Being the go-to unu spray paint expert, we asked him three questions about this process.


customizing unu electric scooters


Why did you paint your unu?

I like having small creative projects and it was time for a new one. Since I am spending so much time on my unu electric scooter, I thought why not try to spray paint it in a new color? Sometimes you get inspired by something that passes your way and then you want to change it again. It’s nice to be able to be very flexible about the coloring.


What did you learn in this process?

If you try something new for the first time, like I did with the helmets, it’s always a chance to learn something. It’s like that moment when you go to the supermarket and you can either buy the corporate spaghetti or you start thinking about how to make pasta yourself. I believe in the idea of the Do-it-Yourself culture that questioning the status quo is always worth it in the end. Nothing is impossible, you just have to be flexible about figuring out a solution for your specific challenge.


Why is customization an important thing at unu?

unu consists of a creative team and we always hope to encourage the unu buyer to be creative and to go explore. We love all the colors the unu come in, but if the unu driver gets inspired to personalize it even more, we would always say go for it! For me it’s important that people have the most fun with their unu electric scooter. Customizing electric scooters like we’re starting to do it right now is a great chance to show that an unu looks good in any style and that you can get really creative with your ride.


customized unu electric scooter


At unu we believe that your electric scooter should have a color that matches your personal and unique style. Right now we offer you a variety of different matt and shiny colors you can choose for your ride. We’re also doing customization cooperation with different artists like Carmi Grau, Selwyn Senatori or SuperBlast so if you’re super talented yourself you could also just paint the unu electric scooter in the way you want. In the end for us it’s simply about cruising the city in the way that suits you the best looking good on your unu.


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