Computer Bild calls unu the no. 1 electric scooter

Computer Bild calls unu the no. 1 electric scooter


We don’t like to brag about ourselves, but sometimes if you’re getting good news you need to stop for a split second, suck it in and realize that things are actually great. We did that when we got the news that unu was voted the “best electric scooter” in a test with 5 other electric scooters by Computer Bild for the august magazine. According to the Computer Bild, testers unu is the most individual electric scooter with the best price-performance ratio. This means we’re offering the best electric scooter experience in Germany.


unu - best electric scooters in Germany


So what we’ve know for a long time is now on paper: by choosing unu you’re getting the leading electric scooter on the market. But why was unu electric scooter better? Well, according to Computer Bild our scooter never squealed, was the fastest in the whole test and never lost its battery power.

The other unique thing that differentiates our smart electric scooter from the other scooters is the fact that by choosing unu, you can change and charge the battery yourself. That’s why we’ve invented an easy plug and play battery system that will allow you to go wherever you want in your own style and speed.

With unu we are offering your the most customisable electric scooter that is delivered straight to your door. We also have the best and most flexible battery power allowing you to charge the scooter yourself with our easy plug and play battery system. If you haven’t tried unu electric scooters yet book a test ride with our pioneer system or check out this longterm test Süddeutsche Zeitung did last year.


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