unu electric scooter city series x Munich

Great cities comes with great people - and an unu


unu’s mission is creating a mobility solution that connects people with the city they live in. With that in mind we started a new video series focusing on exactly that — the city and its people.


In the new ‘unu city series’ the metropolis is the center of attention and we explore it with the eyes of a host who shows us around their hometown. They introduce us to all their favorite and secret spots that are worth discovering. So relax and take a ride with us.

The city is the reason for the existence of unu electric scooters, it was therefore a no-brainer to start this series in a place like Munich which has to offer both quiet, artsy and vibrant spots to discover. Our spotlight is always on an individual and we let them take full control of introducing us to their city the way they experience it. In the first episode Mathias Schober aka DJ SHOW-B shows us his Munich.


Great cities come with great people and sometimes feline friends, like Ana the dog who is always on the road with him. Mathias is a jack of all trades, being a musician, booker and DJ. He is focusing on different projects at the same time, so right now besides being a DJ he is one of the organizers of mixed Munich Arts (MMA) and has to go around the city a lot — so for Mathias the unu electric scooter is the perfect solution for being as mobile and flexible as possible. Ever since an early age he has been into making music and right after turning the legal age of 18 he started playing in clubs.


unu electric scooter and Mathias Schober


For Mathias music has always been a big part of his life so of course he is taking us and his Dog Ana via unu to his favourite record store Schallplatten Zentrale and cruising around the city. When Mathias talks about music you’ll recognise quickly that this is one of the most important things in his life, so a career as a DJ was something that simply evolved naturally. His sound is bound to the tunes of house music, however he manages to mix classic elements, fresh kick drums and city sounds in it, seasoning everything with a contemporary twist. We can’t stop listening to his mixes, while we’re cruising around from the Eisbach, to the english garden or the museum, so come and discover Munich with him.



Find out here where the next city series takes place and the unu electric scooter is embracing urban life again. Feel free to comment below with suggestions to where we should go and who should take us around.


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