unu electric scooter: Success isn't a straight line - dare to take the detour

We're looking back at the unu electric scooter journey

Steve Jobs once famously claimed that “you can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards.” And that’s exactly what we’ve learned at unu over the last four years. We loved going the extra mile, building the first unu electric scooters together in our Munich garage and then, like every cool kid, we’ve made the move to Berlin, to live it up, to experience more and to grow. So here we are now taking a deep breath before we conquer new places and streets as we started with Amsterdam at the beginning of this year with the assistance of urban artists, who tested our electric scooters (in our shop you can of course still purchase electric scooters).


And let’s be honest when we look back today our unu story seems to build up perfectly. But as we all know life and success are never a straight line. Things go sideways and upside down and that is the fun of it. Perfection takes time and work. Of course we would have preferred the straight line; when things didn’t go according to plan and for example an electric scooter delivery was delayed, it resulted in a waiting time that was difficult to justify to the people looking forward to their new unu experience. A challenge like this taught us to never be satisfied and to push for finding better solutions, like the development of a functioning delivery program with DHL straight to your doorstep. If we could make the unu electric scooter drive to you by itself, we would do that (we’re working hard on that future right now!).


At unu we believe in serendipity, that you will find the best things if you don’t look for them. We believe in the adventure itself and in finding the most interesting answers to life’s challenges on the side of the road (and with our electric scooters we don’t need to look for a parking spot to check them out) If we learned anything in the last four years it’s the fact that passion and electricity are the best drive if you don’t know the road ahead. We don’t need a map or a destination, we just need to plug in that eco-friendly battery into our scooter, start the engine and keep moving because that’s what #unuriders do.