Test Rider to #unurider

Test Rider to #unurider

We spoke with Jael Martin from Berlin, who recently became an unu Rider after taking a test drive with our unu Pioneer, Jascha. Read on to hear about Jael’s unu Test Ride experience and what convinced her to buy an unu Scooter of her own.


Hi Jael, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m born and raised in Berlin, a real ‘Ur-Berliner’, which is quite rare these days. I’ve been immersing myself in the amazing startup scene here in Berlin for the past few years and am now working in online marketing for a fitness brand. 


Why did you sign up to do an unu Scooter Test Ride? 

I have used car and scooter sharing services in Berlin but when I need one there is no scooter or car around. Also, the business area of these services limit where I can go. I want to be more flexible and be able to call the scooter mine! I’ve been thinking about buying a scooter for years now but I always pictured buying an “old school” Vespa. But after realizing that there were electric alternatives, I though, why would I need a normal Scooter that pollutes the city? When I saw that I could test drive the unu Scooter, I decided to give it a try. The sign up process was really easy and I got an email from Jascha a day later explaining how to prepare for the test ride. 

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Jael Martin on her new Matte Black unu Scooter

Jael Martin on her new Matte Black unu Scooter


How did it feel meeting your unu Pioneer? 

In my head I pictured going to a car dealership, or a formal business where I’d have to deal with a pushy salesperson. But when I arrived at Jascha’s shop, Hase, it was a really nice surprise! It was a super nice little shop with cool clothes and random stuff everywhere. Before the test drive started we talked about the cameras and skateboards he has in the shop—it really felt like I was just meeting with a friend. 


And how did it feel when you started driving? 

Well, despite Jascha mentioning that an unu Scooter is silent and that it accelerates much quicker than a gas-powered scooter, I was totally surprised the second I started driving! It was so quiet when I started it up that I didn’t even know it was on! And I was amazed that I could get to a comfortable speed almost instantly. 

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Where did you go on your 30 minute test drive?

Jascha’s shop is right by Tempelhofer Feld so I rode around the calm neighbourhood streets. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal and it was a bit cloudy, but it was still comfortable to drive around. I thought that it would feel more or less like riding a bicycle, but it was so much more than that—it was like being a part of the city while also getting around super quick! Once I built up enough confidence on the scooter I went onto a busier road and was able to weave my way in between traffic. Soon enough, I was at another park down the street and made my way back. 


What did you like the most about the whole experience?

I was really impressed that everything was so easy—I signed up just a few days before the test drive and before I knew it, I was on the scooter. Also, having Jascha there to explain everything in a really friendly way made me feel very comfortable about the whole situation. 


Would you recommend an unu Test Ride to your friends? 

Definitely! But now that I have my own unu, I can give some test rides myself.


When did you decide you would buy an unu Scooter? 

After the test ride, while I was sitting on the train back to my house. I realized in that moment that I could be riding the unu back home. I began customizing a scooter on my phone while on the train! 

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Thank you Jael for telling us about your test drive experience and congratulations on becoming an unu Rider. If you’re interested in booking an unu Scooter Test Ride, click the link below.