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The unu in Autumn

unu motors
The unu in Autumn

The unu Scooter isn’t just your fair weather friend…

The last rays of summer sun are long gone, but we’re not letting the changing of the seasons stop us from exploring the city with our unu Scooters. The earthy-colored leaves raining down onto the streets and cooler weather make the perfect backdrop for cozy experiences around the city: we can have a cup of coffee with a friend, then dash across town to walk through the park, and be back for a home cooked meal by the time the sun comes down. By train or bus, a trip like that might be exhausting - but with the unu Scooter, it’s exhilarating. 

We’re going to keep riding for as long as possible, and we have some tips for caring for your unu Scooter during the fall as well. Read on for those tips and some autumn inspiration. 

Be kind to your unu Scooter and it’ll return the favor
— unu

Autumn care tips for you unu Scooter:

  • It may be time for an inspection: we recommend a routine 6 month check up. Click here to find your local BOSCH garage

  • If you have a matte painted unu Scooter, you can keep it looking factory fresh by purchasing some matte shampoo to clean and lubricate the body of your unu

  • If you’d like to store your unu Scooter for extended periods of time, we recommend purchasing a scooter cover to protect your unu from the weather and dust.

  • During the fall and winter, roads can be more slippery because of wet leaves or rain. If you're going to ride in these seasons, we urge you to be cautious when turning or braking

  • We don't recommend driving when it snows or is icy, however if you decide to drive anyway, be sure to give extra room while braking

Photo credits - Gitte Overgaard

Photo credits - Gitte Overgaard


We also reached out to the German-speaking unu Riders Community for their own tips: 


Monja Löwer keeps her unu impeccably clean with one simple tip:

“I always have a hand towel with me to wipe the seat with–even in the evening after I pull into the garage. Other than that, I always wash the linden sap off the body of my scooter. But I’m lucky that I can put my scooter in a garage!”


Jürgen Rombkowsky found a thrifty solution for protecting his unu Scooter from the elements:

“At Netto (a German grocery store chain) I found a great bicycle cover for €3.99 that fits over our wonderful scooters even with a GIVI case on the rack!”


Johannes Georg Haaser has an even thriftier solution for protecting his unu:

“My scooter gets a garbage bag over the seat to protect it!”


Thank you to the German unu Riders Community for the tips! Find your local unu Riders Community here to connect with the electric revolution! 


If you have more questions regarding the care of your unu Scooter, click here to visit the FAQ page.