unu motors

Want to know what the hype is about? Try it for yourself!

unu motors
Want to know what the hype is about? Try it for yourself!

Let the unu Pioneers take you for a ride on the electric scooter

Despite the noiselessness, it’s been difficult not to notice all the electric scooters taking over the streets lately - especially here in Berlin. Driving through the city emissions free and avoiding expensive and packed public transport sounds appealing, right? Well then let us introduce you to our free test drive setup. Book your appointment, set on a day that suits you with our local pioneer and off you go. That’s how simple it is.
We met up with Jascha, our Berlin Pioneer to talk about the unu test drives and how he became an unu Pioneer.



We want to provide the greatest, flexible mobility solution to anybody wanting to experience the full potential of urban life. In order to make as many people try this feeling we created a professional network of dedicated brand ambassadors - our unu Pioneers - who all share the passion for e-mobility to perform test drives with everyone interested in trying an electric scooter.

Jascha, who is responsible for the southern boroughs of Berlin, has always been fascinated by electric mobility. He was initially introduced to the unu Scooter by a friend, and describes his first ride as “surprisingly intuitive“. Fascinated by the concept of unu and the considerable power, but still running in silence, he applied to become an unu Pioneer.

I come from an ecological background and I strongly support a sustainable way of mobility.


In addition to his job as unu Pioneer he works as a photographer and owns a concept store in Neukölln. Visiting him in his shop, where he rents out everything you would need to have a great time at the Tempelhofer Feld, you quickly realise that Jascha lives from the idea of ‘living in the now’. Talking to him you feel his passion for an all-round sustainable lifestyle. Jascha is an advocate of change, embracing experiences and enhancing life, which makes him the ideal unu Pioneer.

He explains how the unu electric scooter has simplified his life as he now freely can move between his different jobs without being stuck in traffic or waiting for the train. The unu has become his main transportation option and driving through the streets of Berlin every day results in spontaneous test drives with people asking him about the electric scooter. And it is as simple as that, because all you need is a valid driver’s license.



For anybody who wants to do a test drive and does not randomly meet Jascha on the streets - or live in Berlin, can sign up on our website in three simple steps:

  1. Go to unumotors.com to book your test drive

  2. Within 2 days your local Pioneer gets in touch with you to schedule your preferred time and location

  3. You have an introduction to all you need to know about the unu Scooter and your test drive

It’s cool to see how some people come back and have a coffee here. They come from different backgrounds, we have students, employees, entrepreneurs and also older people looking for greater mobility in the city.

If you are located in Berlin, we can warmly recommend booking a test drive and swinging by his store Hase Studio for a coffee. Meet Jascha in the video below:



If you would like to join the unu Pioneer community, have a look here for all open pioneer positions.