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unu Partners: Vodafone's IoT-SIM networks our scooters

unu motors
unu Partners: Vodafone's IoT-SIM networks our scooters

For our second product generation, we’ve used all of our in-house expertise to create a fully self-designed and developed scooter. Yet, there are some key features where we continue to rely on the experience of world-class partners. Right at the forefront: the connectivity of the new unu Scooter!


Thanks to Vodafone's global IoT SIM card, the new unu Scooters will be broadcasting on the Internet of Things for the first time. More specifically, our second product generation is equipped with smart features that enable new forms of urban mobility: With the help of the smartphone and the unu App, the digital key of the unu Scooter can easily be shared with friends and family. In addition, the scooter’s location and battery status can be seen in the app. Digital theft protection keeps the scooter safe and informs owners about any illegal movements of their scooter – these can then directly be shared with the police.

Since all our processes, from logistics to customer service, were set up digitally right from the start, networking our scooters was the next logical step: "We decided on Vodafone because their IoT solutions are really convincing and their network offers an international footprint”, says co-founder and CEO Pascal Blum.


Vodafone's reliable and globally well-developed mobile network ensures that the unu Scooters are always online when needed. For this, the IoT-SIM was firmly implemented in the telematics box of our e-scooters – the so-called unu Brain. In addition to the smart features, the SIM card also provides basic functions of the scooter with the necessary connectivity, such as the control of the display and electronic systems, as well as GPS-based navigation. For this purpose, users enter a destination into the unu App, where their route gets calculated and transferred to the display. That way,  you do not have to look at your phone whilst driving. "Fast connectivity and smart mobility concepts are the basis for less congestion on our roads. With a SIM card on two wheels, the unu Scooter becomes the perfect electric companion for the entire family”, says Vodafone CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.



Thanks to this key feature, larger mobility services can also benefit from unu’s innovative technology for the first time. While companies and B2B customers can use manageable micro sharing fleets of divisible company vehicles, unu will now also enter the international sharing market – though we will not become a provider ourselves. Instead, international sharing providers can use the networked fleet solution we’ve developed under their own brand name by customizing our white label app and fleet scooters and thus enter the market directly themselves.


The unu Scooter’s smart features can be activated optionally and free of charge by the customer and are automatically expanded over time thanks to over-the-air updates. You can see more about our partnership in our Deutschland. Digital. Erleben. video on Vodafone's Youtube channel.