Meet the unu Pioneers: Nikolas from Munich

Meet the unu Pioneers: Nikolas from Munich

Student and Pioneer

It’s a sunny, early spring Friday in Munich and Nikolas Huth has just finished up his last exam for the semester. Still a university student, Nikolas is one of the youngest unu Pioneers, but his youthful energy is precisely what makes him so good at what he does.     

Munich: the birthplace of unu in 2013. Now, the city is positively abuzz with unu Scooters–thanks in part to our unu Pioneers, who let people try out the unu Scooter for themselves by giving test rides and act as brand ambassadors in their cities.

Our unu Pioneers are all unique individuals who represent not only our brand, but the broad spectrum of urban life at large. Nikolas is a student who has been an unu Pioneer for two years, giving test rides in his free time. Having just recently moved to Munich for university, riding an unu Scooter has been an easy way for him to explore the streets and get to know the city better. Nikolas rides through the streets so effortlessly though that it seems like he’s already become a local.

We took a break from seeing the sights around Munich to chat about Nikolas’ experiences as an unu Pioneer over coffee.

Stopping by the famous Eisbach, a manmade river that runs through Munich. It's famous for a wave that attracts groups of dedicated surfers to brave the waters.

Stopping by the famous Eisbach, a manmade river that runs through Munich. It's famous for a wave that attracts groups of dedicated surfers to brave the waters.


How long have you been an unu Pioneer?

About two years. I started in my hometown of Mainz. I heard that the Mainz unu Pioneer needed some extra help so I became one as well.

How does your average test ride go?

It’s a simple process: I’ll answer any questions they may have about the scooter, and then they’ll take the unu out for a spin. In the end the unu does the best job at advertising itself. After the test ride they’re always happy! They really enjoy flying through the city on the scooter.


Who usually signs up for test rides?

You can’t really describe the person who takes a test ride–you have older people, younger people, couples who do test rides together–there are a lot of different reasons people want to buy an unu. Some want to use it to commute to work, or get to school, or just experience the city more. It’s cool to get the opportunity to meet so many different people. And you always have good conversations with them.

And are they usually comfortable on a scooter?

A lot of people haven’t driven a scooter before. They say “Hey, I didn’t want to tell you this before, but I have no idea how to drive a scooter!” And I just have to tell them to chill out because it’s like riding a bicycle. It takes a few minutes to learn how to accelerate and steer, but after they figure it out they’ll be driving like a natural. Even people who begin really afraid of the scooter end up being quite comfortable by the end.


A Midday Test Ride 

After getting coffee, Nikolas had a test ride appointment at the Theresienwiese, where Oktoberfest takes place every year. When the festival isn't taking place, the huge open lot is a playground for longboarders, cyclists, and in this case, the unu Scooter. 


Have any of your friends bought an unu Scooter?

Yes, several of them have bought an unu. And I tell people this at the end of every test ride–that I wouldn’t tell my friends to buy one if I wasn’t totally happy with it. My friends are mostly students, and though they had to save some money to buy the scooter, they end up saving a lot of money on transportation. I have friends who bought one unu to share between the family but in the end had to buy more because they all were arguing who got to use it!

What is something that surprises people who end up buying the scooter?

Everyone who has ended up buying one always had a use case in mind when they bought it: usually just driving to work or Uni. But in the end, they are ride it all day: to the gym, to the restaurant, to the park… And as a result they do a lot more during the day. They don’t have the excuse that they have to catch a train or have parking problems in certain areas of the city. You can just do more things with it.

Meeting with Valentina Harrendorf, another of Munich's unu Pioneers.

Meeting with Valentina Harrendorf, another of Munich's unu Pioneers.


Thank you for speaking with us Nikolas, and taking us on a tour around Munich. Also be sure to check out this video with Jascha, one of Berlin's unu Pioneers.  And click the button below to book your own test ride with your local unu Pioneer.